Change UCL group stage matches to elevated kickoff times

Antti Pyhälammi
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Uefa Champions League has started again and yet again, we, the paying customers (read = football fanatics) are faced with a dilemma - what game to watch tonight when all of them are played at the exact same time?

I, for example have to watch Chelsea struggling to get three points from a difficult away game against Steaua, therefore missing a few matches some might even find exciting, to put things in a mild manner. 
Arsenal-Napoli, Atletico-Porto, Ajax-Milan and Celtic-Barcelona are all to be bid adieu because of a Uefa Champions League rule that makes absolutely no sense in the first four rounds of the group stage. The only round that is smart to play at the same time is the last round of the group stages - to avoid tactical plays. 

So, I call on thee, fellow football enthusiastics, lets change this once and for all! 

For example - games could be played to start 19cet and 21cet, that would double the amount of matches for fans. Or, maybe even 19cet, 20cet and 21cet to get more variety. 

Any change to this current situation where all the games start at the same time would be most welcome!





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