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Change or share the ownership for Battlefield Heroes instead of shutting it down!

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Hey guys, my name is Joe or on BFH, =NS=Taco. I started this protest so we could speak out and make us count as a community.

Where EA went wrong and why we all left:
Battlefield Heroes, says it in the name. Guns, war, and comedy. We joined this game to be able to play an amazing third person shooter that we can have abilities because we are heroes. For most of us this game went wrong when you started adding lasers, dragon's fire, battle-rifles wouldn't of been that bad if it wasn't as overpowered as they made them, and same thing with war-fighters. The PTE (Public test environment) was shut down, and that was another mistake you made right there. No feed back from the community before you released the weapons, outfits, nothing.

What can we do?:
We as a community are extremely strong, we all have something in common which is shared love for this game.. well for me it was before all the ridiculous stuff that was added in, and it was for a lot of people. If there was a chance to take back all of that 70%+ of the community would come back to play it. Give someone a chance to make this game right, work on the game, bug fixes, which I know.. is hard when it's such an old engine the game is made with. But we will find a way to manage! Take out the stuff that made everyone leave, take ideas from the community again, host our own servers like we do anyway, and do Battlefield Heroes right! Start it so we only have the regular guns and the one Uber / Super that you would unlock at level 10. That itself would be a good start and i'm very sure most if not all of the community would support something like this to happen.

Suggestions and options:
- Someone to buy it out.
- Give ownership to Battlefield Heroes to someone.
- Get the source code (pretty much impossible).
- Petition and hope for the best.
- If the petition goes through, raise our own money and invest in servers and people to make a
new engine and to be able to do constant maintenance! Or use the same engine, implement the
unreleased maps and take out the BS weapons. Then we can raise money for advertisement.

If someone could help make this happen, or if you have anything for me to add, questions, solutions, or things that are wrong about what I just said in the paragraphs above put it in the comments below and I will add, change, or remove anything in reason.

Message me on Skype: Darklord3536
Join our Teamspeak 3 and discuss: (20 slots)

- Joe ♥

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