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Dear friends and family, I could really use your help on this one. For quite some time now I have been requesting that my daughter Lily can get her bus stopped changed from it's currently location to our house, but have only gotten my request declined.
I feel that I have several valid reasons to why her current location is unsafe, but the bus garage simply told me "No we can not do that, and maybe you could try again next year". Well I can not wait until next year because these issues are effecting us now.Here are a few of the issues that I am not pleased with...

-My daughter is FIVE YEARS OLD, only in kindergarten, practically still a baby!
- Everyone else that I know with a child in this age group has the bus pick them up from their house
-The distance is currently about 1/3 of a mile (10-12 houses down)
-There are no side walks
-Our road gets plowed last (if at all) and when they doplow it causes giant snow banks on the side of the road, so we are forced to walk in the middle of the road
-It is roughly 7:15am, pitch black, and only half of the road has street lights.
-There is a group of reckless drivers that come through about the same time so Lily and I have to stop and stand in the middle of some one's yard to get out of the way until they pass. (which is also difficult with snow banks in the way)
-The time window for when the bus might arrive is 30-45 minutes at times, so we are outside waiting for quite some time because it might show up early, on time, or late and we never know which one it will be.
-Lily has unfortunately missed a handful of days because due to the drastically cold weather I did not want her standing outside that long in negative temperatures, some reaching to -30 degrees.
-Lily is the only kid at the bus stop in the morning, and in the afternoon there aretwo more children (also same age group) but all 3 of the kids still come to our house every day.
-I unfortunately do not have the luxury of driving currently and sitting in a nice warm, safe, car. So we have no choice but to walk and do what we have to do to get to the bus stop.

I know I am probably going far out on a limb here, but I just do not think any of this is fair. I know a lot of you have seen me post videos, pictures, and other updates on this issue and the majority of you have agreed with me that it is unsafe. So please, if you can, have my back on this and help me prove that we deserve to have the bus stop changed to our house for the safety of my 5 year old, and hopefully the district will see that I am not just whining, but I am genuinely concerned about this and it is a time delicate issue because this winter weather doesn't seem like it is going to cut us a break anytime soon. So please sign this petition and pass it along to everyone you can. Thank you!

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