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Simply put, this petition is to try and obtain Riot's attention to how painful ranked solo/duo queue is for the majority. Time after time we are forced to play with 3-4 randomly selected "teammates", who we've never played with before, in order to win games, obtain points, and go up in Divisions. We deal with trolls in Champion Select, AFK'ers, quitters, whiners, and even those fresh level 30s who have been playing ranked for less than a week. We have to put up with those "teammates" who never leave lane, never team fight, only push mid lane, don't buy wards, face check bushes, and feed. We deal with those "teammates" who can only play ADC, don't know how to support, can only top Garen, "called" a role first, and counter pick themselves. Worst of all, we have "teammates" who just don't try or don't care if they win. I understand you have Team Ranked Queue and that's awesome if you and 4 to 9 other people... -are in grade school with no after school commitments -are unemployed -live in the same time zone -need less than 4 hours of sleep -can somehow plan your lives around games and practice (nearly impossible). We are allowed to have hundreds of people on our list as friends, yet confined to select a few to compete as a team with. Individual performance means little to nothing if the other team has better chemistry and teamwork which is seen time and time again in your League Championship Series. We don't know the solution to the problem, just that there is one. We are competitors who want to win and do everything in our power to, yet our records are a reflection of the random selection of "teammates" the system picks. We want to see a change to ranked, not another new Champion someone can play incorrectly for the first time in our ranked game. We are frustrated, just ask your Tribunal. Hear our frustrations. Change Ranked.

If you agree and want to see a change simply sign with your Summoner's name.  Please do not put account names or your actual name in this petition.  Also, keep the negative comments out, we deal with enough trolls in the game.

Let the Summoners be heard!





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