Change of Bus Driver

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We, the students that ride bus 56, think that our bus driver, is not a fit driver to ensure the safety of our arrival home. He has endangered us by quickly stopping the bus, annoyed us by making false accusations, and (95% of the time) made us late. If he suspects that someone is jumping seats(even though no one is), he immediately stops the bus on an ongoing traffic road. A lot of times, we would hit our heads on the seat and suffer pain from the impact. We don't want to keep getting hurt. The bus driver is also paranoid. He would always stop at a near by apartment complex and walk to the back of the bus to make false accusations. When someone fell out of his/her seat, he goes to the complex and makes him/her and the people around him/her write their names down. We told him that no one is jumping seats. However he said, "I don't care what the hell you are doing, all I know is that someone is jumping seats!" On another day, he commanded, "I don't care what you do. You can go outside and kill yourself, I DON'T CARE!!! Just get to the front of the bus!" This is not the correct behavior of a bus driver. This is really annoying because no one is doing anything wrong. We would only get out of our seat when we are at a bus stop. All of us on the bus know what time we should be home. We are students in middle school; which means that we are very busy and get really crabby when we are late. All in all, we don't think that this bus driver is good for this job. We desire a different bus driver. Sincerly, The students of bus 56




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