Change MTV to RTV (RealityTV)

Alexa Roper
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Are you fed up with the fact that MTV stands for Music Television, yet they only play reality shows that more so have a train wreck effect on the world?

1. Teen Mom/16 and Pregnant- When did watching promiscuous adolescents become entertainment? How are these people celebrities? They are not famous. They are INFAMOUS. We watch them because we can't turn away.
2. Real World/The Challenge- Imagine a bunch of mice being placed in a large translucent container with nothing to keep them entertained, and a bunch of scientists standing around watching how they interact and mate with each other. Think about it.
3.Ridiculousness/Every other "prank" show- Entertaining at best, but is and will always be a reality show.\

The list goes on...

Ever since the demise of TRL in 2008 (RIP), MTV has been on the decline. Before the internet, people only had MTV (excluding the radio and a select few other sources) to find, listen, and watch new music. We understand that since Youtube and Vevo are now the main source, there is little need for artists, singers, and bands to debut new music on television, which is why MTV has stopped playing music. The fact that they still call themselves MTV, however, is sadly ironic. Help us retire the MTV name with what little dignity it still has left. Whoever is controlling this network needs to be honest with themselves and the world, and change the name to what it really is....Reality Television.




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