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Change the name of The 'Kingsbury' Hotel to The 'Ritzbury' Hotel!

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There has been a massive mistake in the naming of The Kingsbury Hotel (formerly the Hotel Intercontinental) in Fort, Colombo. The seriousness with which it has been given a faux-ye-olde-worlde name is completely at odds with the reality of its rather kitsch look and feel.

Therefore, we sincerely urge the owners, management and patrons of the hotel to consider changing its name to The Ritzbury Hotel. There are two excellent reasons why this would be a better fit. First, there is a playful reference to legendary The Ritz hotels - in London or New York - and a subtle acknowledgement of The Ritzbury as a venture that aspires to emulating such establishments. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, Ritzbury is a name associated with a well-known Sri Lankan brand of chocolate. The Ritzbury chocolate brand is itself a johnny-come-lately to the confectionery world, and made its mark with knock-off Kit-Kat-like chocolate coated wafers that would not quite pass for the real thing.

To our mind, there is no good reason to retain the awkward poseur-name 'The Kingsbury' when there is a far more local and self-assured name to be had - 'The Ritzbury'. To encourage the owners and management to make the change as soon as possible - do please refer to 'The Ritzbury' by its rightful name in all future conversations and written communications. And do sign the petition!



February 13
We are now live!


  • Samson Silva
    Samson Silva Sri Lanka
    Feb 13, 2014
    Feb 13, 2014
    See example of The Ritzbury's decor at


  • 3 years ago
    Samson Silva Sri Lanka
    3 years ago

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