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Please contact Capital City Governing Board via email

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Date: October 1, 2018

To: Capital City Club Membership

From: Concerned Members

Re: Contact CCC board members regarding the cutoff at age 22 policy for club privileges.

The purpose of this memorandum is to address the current cut off of member privileges at age 22 for young adult members and to extend this policy to age 24 or 25. A group of concerned members met with 3 board members on July 25th to discuss this policy.

We are asking each of you to send a letter in your own words (you can cut and paste the same letter ) to each board member listed below and voice your support to change the age limit from age 22 to 24.

The Governing Board:

Larry Bradner- larrybradner@gmail.com

Suzy Cohen- elviscohen@comcast.net

Kevin Glaser- kevin.m.glaser@gmail.com

Anne Park Hopkins- aphopki@icloud.com

Jay Jowers- jay_jowers@ml.com

Bill Maner- bmaner@edgecappartners.com

Steve Riddell- stephen.riddell@troutmansanders.com

John Stephenson- jws6200@gmail.com

Rick Taylor- rick.taylor.bwwt@statefarm.com

John Dwight- jdwight523@aol.com

Thomas Hough- tomhough55@mail.com

Suzanne Tucker Plybon- suzanne.plybon@gmail.com

The takeaways from that meeting were as follows:

Club management and the board tried to tell us there is a problem with the club being too crowded and therefore the need to enforce the 22 Y.O. age limit. We asked the board to show us the data that the club is too crowded and they admitted there is no data.

We asked the 3 board members at the meeting to make the CCC age cutoff comparable to other area clubs (Cherokee- age 24, Piedmont Driving Club- age 24 , Atlanta Athletic Club- Age 25, Peachtree Golf Club- Age 24). Their response was we are a different club and therefore we should not be bound by what other clubs do.

We told the board that the 22 year old age cutoff is not consistent with the times and many kids are in college at age 22 and beyond.

We mentioned that before the early 2000’s spouses of members could not reserve a tennis court, make a tee time, play in the member / member tournament and had reduced privileges compared to other members . The board voted and made a change to be more consistent with the memberships wishes and that rule was changed. Why can’t we raise the age cutoff from 22 to 24 or 25 to be more consistent with the times?

The board is set to vote on this issue this month and we need the support of the membership in letting them know this issue is important to us.

Please contact each member listed above ASAP!!!


Date: July 11, 2018

To: The Capital City Club Governing Board

From: Steve Taylor

Re: Change in Policy Concerning Family Member Usage/Cut-off at Age 22

The purpose of this Memorandum is to address the Governing Board concerning the recent change of family member usage from age 24 with full member privileges to age 22 as the usage cut-off.

As I am sure you are aware, there has been considerable impact (especially during the summer with kids home from school) on certain families’ ability to utilize the Club in the manner to which they have become accustomed.

Many of our children are still in school at the age of 22, and even if they are graduated, they are just getting started. The historical cut-off for usage for our children was 24. This helped enable us to transition our children from school/college to “adult life”. The Club played an important part in this transition. At age 23 or 24, many of our children are not yet in a position to be dues paying members. The age 24 cut-off gave a little more time to allow our children to stabilize in the community and their jobs before potentially becoming full dues paying members.

Everyone appreciates that the Board’s job is a difficult job. Although I am sure there is a reason for this change in policy, we would appreciate your considering revising the policy to allow some use of the Club facilities during non-peak times (i.e. restrictions on golf and exercise). As I am sure you are aware, other similar clubs in the Atlanta area allow children of members until age 24 or 25 to enjoy usage privileges (Cherokee – age 24, Piedmont – age 24, Atlanta Athletic Club – age 25, Peachtree Golf Club – age 24).

I have attached the signature of many members who are also concerned about this policy and its impact on their families now and in the future. We would appreciate if the board would reconsider its decision to disallow children’s privileges at the club at age 22 and either to extend it back to the historical age of 24 or to revise the policy to allow more flexibility.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.


Steve Taylor

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