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Change Facebook's Reporting Policies

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Facebook's reporting system has a lot of issues and as a tool that is used to protect users and reflect the community it protects, it is failing.

  • A user can report something anonymously as many times as they want, enabling the possibility of using reporting to harass other users.
  • Posts of young shirtless guys with long hair can get removed for nudity. Just stop. You're punishing a kid for having a secondary sex organ that literally everyone has, because he looks like he could have a vagina or identify as a female. Stop. How much longer until you realize that there's not a significant difference in nipples of people of different sexes or genders? What are you going to do about Facebook users that don't identify as a male or female? You'll allow almost a whole boob, suicide notes, bleeding self-harm wounds, and people violently killing and harming animals, but you're worried about how you could have stopped someone from seeing a nipple that might belong to a female.
  • Which brings me to my third point, violence against animals is still violence. Sharing violence against animals rarely raises awareness to anything other than how much an animal bleeds when it dies. Violence against animals is as senseless, brutal, gorey, and traumatizing as violence against people.

  • And lastly, disabling users from reviewing how Facebook has handled their report is counter-intuitive. The people reading these reviews need to be able to not take offense from angry users, they need to listen to them and ignore them when appropriate, not strip their ability to communicate.

I think the steps that need to be taken to resolve these problems are pretty straightforward.

  • After reporting the same thing a certain amount of times alert the user that their anonymity will no longer be intact, allowing the user targeted by the utilization of the reporting tool for harassment can block the user OR allow users to block someone anonymously after they've inaccurately reported something repeatedly OR allow users the option to submit a review of the repeated inaccurate reports.
  • Free the nipple. It's never hurt anyone.
  • Treat violence against animals as seriously as violence against people, and take both more seriously.
  • Always allow users to tell Facebook how they think their report has been handled.

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