Name Change For The Street Effington Way

Rick Acker
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My Family and I have Lived on "Effington Way" since building a new home there, and moving in on December 28, 1995. We expect to continue living there for the rest of our natural lives. Initially, our street was a dead-end street that ended several feet past our house into an approximate 23 acre wooded plot of land. Approximately seven years later, that property was bought and a new development created called the "Lakes of Silverleaf". Our street was then extended through the Lakes of Silverleaf to the next adjoining development, "Quail Meadows". The street in Quail Meadows that our street connected to was "Gosling Way". We thought that we would be getting new neighbors having the name of our street as their address. Unfortunately, the residents of Silverleaf chose to extend Gosling Way across the Silverleaf development, at the same place the former dead-end street ended years before. Therefore..............we are the ONLY address on "Effington Way". Over the years, we have heard friends and neighbors refer to our street as "F_ _ _ington Way" or F-ington Way. It isn't very funny to us when we tell new people that we live on Effington Way and they immediately start laughing and repeat back to us "F-ington Way???". We think we have lived with this embarrassment and awkwardness long enough, and are hereby petitioning to have our street name changed to Acker Avenue. We believe after almost twenty years of living at this address, and the commitment to continue living here should more than qualify for using our own good name as the moniker for the street where we are the only residents, and hereby petition the munincipality of Liberty Township to allow this to occur.