Change Current Dog Ordinance and Inclusion of Dangerous Animal Regulation For Oak Grove. Ky.

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We all have small children and pets in this community and care about their safety. Under the current Oak Grove ordinance we are left virtually unprotected from dangerous dog situations. In 2013 there were 32 dog bite related fatalities in the US, 56% of those fatality victims were children 7 years and younger. Of the total children killed by dogs in 2013,61% were ages four years and younger. This is not what we want for our community, even one death, child or adult, is too much. This does not include the attacks and danger to beloved family pets.

To help prevent this from happening again in our community, we propose these changes to the ordinance. We want compulsory registration and microchipping of all dogs in the city limits. Enforcement of current leash laws, and stricter penalty for infractions. No dogs are to be tethered or chained in the city limits. Bites are more common with chained dogs, because of the psychological, emotional, and behavioral effects being tethered or chained causes.Pit Bulls,Rottweilers,Dalmatians, Mastiffs, German Shepherds, Doberman Pincers, Chows, and other potentially dangerous dogs must be annually tested for temperament. If they fail, owners must muzzle them when on the street, have a secure enclosure, post a hazardous animal sign on their property, and carry liability insurance on the animal until the behavioral problems are corrected, through approved training, and the animal successfully passes the temperament test. Service dogs must have their own certification and temperament testing. The city also needs additional animal control officers to help with enforcement.
If these few simple steps are taken by the city, we all will benefit from the peace of mind in knowing our families are safer, in our community. Problem dogs will get the help they need, and our neighborhoods, will be a better place.



May 19
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