Prime - please move "The Crowd Goes Wild" back to 7pm

Nick Baker
Nick Baker 1 Comments
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PRIME TV.  What are you thinking?  We love The Crowd Goes Wild.

We eat dinner to it; we wind down after the news to it, we chuckle at the in-jokes and we even laugh at the regurgitated ones from the day’s Twitter banter.

But not any more.  Because now you’ve wrenched it out of prime time viewing and shifted it to a variable slot after 10.  In its place you are showing re-runs of a lame American comedy show.

You even sneaked it away, moving it for the Commonwealth Games and then not moving it back again, maybe hoping we wouldn't notice.

Much has been made over recent years about the lack of sports coverage on Free-to-air TV.  It is confined to news bulletins, the Crowd Goes Wild, and its inferior imitator, that Skoda Show on Sunday afternoons.  Yanking the best of those shows to late night viewing is just making it worse.  Think of the children.

And how can you expect Mark Richardson to stay up that late night after night?

In other news, Home Improvement is rubbish.

So, following the enormous success of getting the FA Cup final to New Zealand screens earlier this year, we encourage you to sign this petition to get The Crowd Goes Wild back to its rightful slot of 7pm weeknights.