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mary grace lentz
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We are parents and guardians of students at The Center School.  We understand you have chosen to transfer Mr. Jon Greenberg from Center School to Hamilton.  We want you to rescind that decision. We are concerned about the secrecy that surrounds this issue at The Center School. We do not understand why Mr. Greenberg faces disciplinary action. His punishment for committing infractions that have not been explained to this community is in conflict with your expressed value of social justice being an important part of academics.  It is in conflict with the Seattle Public Schools stated values of accountability, transparency and good communication with the community. This disciplinary action is socially unjust, and is an act of institutional suppression of controversial ideas. Many students, teachers and even some families feel that your decision has created a hostile and intimidating climate. We strongly support an in-depth social justice curriculum that engages contradictory and controversial issues of our culture.  It is not easy work to engage in conversations about race, gender, and social justice using critical analysis, reflective listening, and engaged dialogue. We commend a school that supports and guides high school students as they struggle with these difficult issues in a structured setting.  They will learn from this process and grow into adults that will transform our communities. If this disciplinary action is upheld our students will be denied this important learning opportunity that we are expecting as part of a high school curriculum in the 21st Century. Frankly, we are disappointed that you and the Seattle Public Schools can’t support a better, more transparent conversation about these issues. It is an embarrassment.





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