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Censorship on Ponychan's /art/ board

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Recently, on Ponychan's /art/ board, a user linked to his tumblr, which was hosting a piece of art that violated /art/'s limitations on Not Safe For Work (henceforth referred to as NSFW) content. As a result, he was banned for a few days, a base punishment that he admitted he deserved. However, during his absence, some of the userbase was thrown into an uproar over this course of action; wondering if such an action was appropriate, as the work was not featured on the imageboard itself. Since then, the banned user came back, and the discussion cooled down. But then a sticky was made by the moderator 'Rarity'. It reads as follows: "The NSFW tag has seemingly been confusing people for a long time, so we are phasing it out. Porn and gore have never been allowed on ponychan, yet the existence of this tag has made people believe that they are allowed to post these things as long as they tag it. You would be amazed how many ban appeals we have seen recently saying "Sorry, I'll tag it next time" or "Why did you ban me? I tagged it." We've also seen reports for "NSFW outside of NSFW permitted boards." The fact of the matter is, the things which most people consider NSFW are not allowed on any board, the tag only existed as a compromise for people to post some bordeline things before. We feel like the rules will be a lot clearer and more consistent if we simply do away with the tag altogether. We would like to encourage an atmosphere of relative innocence here, if you want porn and grimdark ponies, there are other sites where you can find that. Please do not post it here under any circumstances. Additionally, we are getting rid of the "artistic nudes are allowed" rule because, again, it was simply confusing. Precisely where the line was to be drawn was always hard to determine, and everypony had a different idea of what qualified." This act of banning the NSFW tag from it's intended use (i.e. To warn people that the content being hosted behind it may not be entirely recieved well) is blatant art censorship, and should not be stood for. By banning the posting of tasteful, artistic nudity and artwork of darker themes you are both stemming the creativity of many artists and removing a lot of traffic and purpose from the board itself. It should also be mentioned that artwork being hosted on other sites is not under the jurisdiction of /art/'s rules, and that linking to external sites that host content that cannot be posted on /art/ due to its content should be allowed, under the condition that it is properly tagged. The /art/ board was originally created to give budding and established artists alike a place to post their artwork on the condition that it wasn't pornographic or containing excessive gore. This petition is to show that we, as a community, wish to re-establish this as the purpose of the board and do away with this unreasonable act of censorship.

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