Cell phones for FedEx Employees of Indianapolis

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This is a petition for Employees of Indianapolis FedEx to receive the ability to carry cell phones again. A vast majority of Indy FedEx employees have lost the ability to carry cell phones on them due to TUG drivers, and managers inability to use their cell phones in a safe manner. As most of you know that is a very small percentage of the total people employed at FedEx. It is not logical for everyone to be punished by being disconnected from their loved ones in the event of an emergency due to others mistakes. Cell phone related accidents should be dealt with on an individual level instead of a hub wide one. By signing this petition you are helping get your cell phone back so you may stay in touch with your family in the event of an emergency.


This Petition's goal is not for cell phones to be allowed back for "txting" friends or playing games in down time, but rather for family related emergencies or work related communications only.


Thank you,

Concerned Indianapolis FedEx Employee





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