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Dress code for Continuous Curriculum School, Spokane Valley WA

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The current school dress code along with the rigid way it is currently enforced is crossing the line. The public humiliation, body shaming, disrespect for our children’s education, and the extreme anxiety created by the staff members at CCS is unacceptable. We want CCS to re-evaluate the dress code and how it is enforced.

Proposed Solutions:

The ban on leggings, jeggings and yoga pants to be lifted with exception to pants that are obviously too small to the point that they are see through or ride up.

The length of shorts should have some degree of flexibility to accommodate different body types and limb length.

Tank tops two finger width and that cover undergarments should be allowed.

Students shall not be call out for dress code violations in front of their peers and/or classroom. This is humiliating for the student, creates shame, encourages other students to ridicule the clothing of their peers, draws attention to the body and the clothing of the student and disrupts the learning environment.

Staff member only make remarks about a students clothing in private, outside of class time.

The intent of the dress code is to preserve safety and prevent distraction from learning then it should be addressed only when a disruption has occurred or when class is not in progress.

It is important for staff and teachers to inform parents when they are concerned about the clothing a student has worn to school. Communication with parents should be a top priority.

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