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CCNC Long Range Plan: Alternatives to the Boards Proposal

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Now is the time for members to comment on one of the biggest endeavors in CCNC history. We must move forward with a strategic long range and professional plan.

Key Question: What strategic actions will increase membership and best sustain CCNC member experiences over the decades?

• This is CCNC’s most important question concerning present and future relevancy.

• The member’s opinions are building blocks for the larger strategic picture. 

• The Board’s charge is to focus on the ramifications of the Key Questions through a process of due diligence. 
The Board’s document, a brief one-page proposal to start on three projects, unfortunately, is not a master plan. It has fundamental errors, and guts the professional recommendations made by Stagaard & Chao, the Club’s own AdHoc Committee (AHC), and the McMahon Group. 

If adopted by CCNC board members, this proposal would contain no long range master plan, would compromise our ability to increase membership and would involve ongoing unnecessary costs.

Specifically with regard to the Board’s proposal:

• The truncated Golf Venue is simply a newer, larger split 
venue that fails to solve the many problems the AHC was asked to resolve. The 60-seat Halfway House (instead of the recommended 120 seats inside), along with the absence of locker rooms & lounges at the Golf Venue (which remain in the main clubhouse), is not a plan to create a better golfing experience. Indeed, the truncated Halfway House would be too small to accommodate tournaments and high season activity. The absence of locker rooms/lounges perpetuates circulation and management issues. 

• The Board’s brief document goes against ‘best practices’ of successful experiences by other clubs; they published a monograph to amply describe a proposal, outlined how the project fit into the master plan, and included renderings, requirements-based cost estimates and financing options. 

• The cost estimate of $9.25M in the Board’s document is a ‘guesstimate’ for the truncated Golf Venue and tennis & fitness, as well as Dogwood.

• The Board should proceed with its plan to announce significant decisions at the Annual Meeting next Friday,March 27th. We recommend that those announcements be modified from the presentation in the current document.

In This regard:

Strategic Planning. The club should begin a strategic workable document that captures its vision, mission, core values, and master long-range plan. A comprehensive draft should be completed by the end of 2015.

o This document would express the essence of our club and would provide a marketing tool for new members. The AHC report, in Addendum 1, p.16, recommended CCNC adopt this process, because of the success at other clubs.

o Without a comprehensive master plan, questions arise as to the status of other capital projects: the Clubhouse, the pool complex, the proposed truncated Golf Venue, two hard-surfaced tennis courts, the condition of roads, perimeter fence, the lakes, etc.

Priorities. The priorities of the three projects in the Board document should be reviewed.

o The Golf Venue, as reviewed by the S&C, AHC, and McMahon reports, is a well documented need:

1) Remodeled Halfway House with 100-120 seats inside to handle tournaments and the two high seasons

2) Pro Shop, and the locker rooms/lounges. The men’s locker room can be one-half its current size and the lounge can also be smaller. The ladies’ locker room/lounge needs to be larger.

3) Tennis & Fitness are also clearly identified needs. The membership meeting concluded that the pool complex needs to be reviewed and assessed as well.

o In regard to Dogwood, the following question arises: can the Spence plan presented in the Board document be done in stages and include some work by CCNC crews? Right now Dogwood is approximately 50% of the proposed budget.

The Key Question is as follows: how should these priorities be ordered to enhance membership growth and member experiences? The lack of a master plan makes this process more difficult.

Money & Financing. The planned $9.25M budget is incomplete, inaccurate, and does not address all the problems noted in the three professional reports. The final costs will be higher.

On specifics:

· We support the $125/month capital dues starting April 1, 2015.

· We also support tree cutting on Dogwood by CCNC crews, which would cut budget costs and may reduce some of the underlying drainage and air circulation issues on Dogwood.

· An architectural design and master plan for all the structures should begin immediately. It should include an updated long-range budget.

While considering these changes and decisions, it is best to remind ourselves that CCNC has the most unique piece of real estate in Moore County, including two world-class golf courses.

Dick Urquhart, and the original 42 founding members, built CCNC with vision, planning, commitment, and creativity. However, our assets and amenities have fallen in quality, to the point where the total experience at CCNC is challenging our relevancy.

Now is the time for our membership to remake CCNC as the premier club in North Carolina!

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