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"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole" Everyone should experience having a pet at one point in their life. Having an animal in your home may have many positive attributes. There are positive outcomes of having a pet, or as I like to call a "fur baby" in your home. When you bring in a fur baby you will learn to have compassion. Another wonderful quality to having a pet is you have a full time protector living with you. I believe having a pet shows you responsibility, compassion and protection.
Having a pet shows you responsibility because they need full time care. Being responsible for someone or something other than yourself can change your character. Animals need food, shelter, attention, and love just the ways humans do. When you have a pet you a responsible for buying their food and making sure they eat two or three times a day. Their hygiene becomes your responsibility when a bath is needed to keep them clean. Personally, I give my dogs a bath every other week or so. I keep them in doors until they are dry depending on the weather.
Owning a pet causes you to become more of a compassionate person when you have their care in your hands. If you have never had pets before you may not understand this concept. You grow to truly love your pets as if they were part of your family. Coming home everyday to the wagging tail and happy pet after a long day is an awesome feeling. Your pet senses if you are sad, mad, happy, or just needs to be comforted. A pet will give you constant sincere unconditional love whether you need it or not. Their unconditional love towards you allows you to become compassionate to them as well as to others around you.
A dog is like having a full time live in protector. Although pets give you unconditional love, they do not do well with intruders no matter their size or the size of the intruder. It's your pet's natural instinct to protect its territory or property. Your dog is your free house alarm because when someone unknown approaches your home the barking begins. Pets are pretty much fearless when it comes to protecting loved ones. By having a pet at home you know that you will be protected more than someone who does not own a dog. Cats are good for keeping the rodents down, but do not usually scare intruders.ALWAYS TAKE PRECAUTIONARY WHEN HAVING A PET LIKE FENCING OR TRAINING
With these three positive outcomes of owning a pet, you may want to experience owning a pet sometime in the near future. Becoming responsible, compassionate, and having full time protection is so valuable as we mature and develop into adults. Although your life may not completely revolve around your animals, it is much more fulfilling with them as part as your family. Many positive experiences are to be had in being a pet owner.BE RESPONSIBLE ,BE MATURE AND MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICES

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