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Head-bands and hair clips are fine but when you add a design of cat ears with that it becomes a dress code violation somehow, in the Martinsville School District. This should not be so because there are many other things that can be considered a distraction but have been payed no mind; In such case, this petition is started. We believe that, in this situation, a student who is quiet and works hard with cat ears on is less of a distraction than the normal student causing a disruption. Not to mention, there is very little difference between bows, ribbons, and what not to hair clips and head-bands with cat ears. If clip-on cat ears, as a hair accessories, are not allowed then nor should bows, ribbons, or any other sort of hair accessories. In the martinsville High School hand-book, hair clips and head-bands do not violate the dress code, thus it shouldn't become an issue, but yet here it stands. If you have the same ideas, sign please. -informal moment in time- fight for the cats! =^o_o^= <--kitty





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