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Keep Murderer Robert Earl Buttrey in Prison

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The Families of Casey Ann Tiner and Thomas James Steele are petitioning to keep convicted murderer Robert Earl Buttrey, TDCJ inmate # 01582852, SID# 05691372, from being released on parole. Please read the letter below. We thank each and everyone of you for your signatures and support in this cause. On August 10, 2000 Robert Earl Buttrey brutally murdered 16 year old Casey Ann Tiner and 19 year old Thomas James Steele with a samurai sword in a field in Sommervell County, Texas. Pleading guilty to the murders, his thoughts and actions on the day he murdered them can best be described as thoughtless, heartless, sadistic, cold and caculating. The crime within itself is and should be considered heinous do to its nature and violent extent. His reason for this can only be understood by him. Casey was a daughter, grandaughter, a niece and cousin. A straight "A" honor roll student as well as a "promising young musical artist". T.J. was a handsome, bright young man who also graduated early. Their high school principal was quoted as saying the couple were "the promise of the future". Not only were these 2 children effected, but multiple lives were effected, touched and forever changed for the crimes Robert Buttrey committed. He set in motion a chain reaction that can never be undone. How can a person say it is fair or just for him to be released That he has served his time If he is released he can still have a life to live. What do Casey and T.J get to do upon his release They do not get their lives to live. He pleaded guilty to murdering two people out of anger saying he did this over an argument. He only took the plea bargain to get out quickly and live his life with as little sentence as possible, with no regard or remorse for the lives he took. He should have gotten life for not one, but two innocent lives. We believe that he is a calculated murderer. He was released from the Navy with a dishonorable discharge because they said he was a harm to him self and others. He was also arrested for a prior act of assault on aother person also in Texas. Because of his blatent disregard for lives, we do not believe then or now that this will be his last murder and thus he cannot be rehabilitated; he should not be allowed parole. Robert Earl Buttrey played God...when he choose to end their lives by his hand, to determine that they were unworthy to live and that they had to die in that single moment. Robert Earl Buttery had that moment, to let them go, to not go to that point of no return, when he took that sword and brutally massecred them and left them to suffer and bleed to death, begging for help and dieing alone in a field. It was his sole decision to play God. His actions continually speak violence. The chilling facts to this crime are: Robert Earl Buttrey knew Thomas James Steele and Casey Tiner very well. He was considerered T.J.'s best friend. He was with them daily and continually 3 months before and up to the moment he took their lives. He took them to a field down the road from his mother's property and killed them, then lied to family, friends and relatives about their whereabouts stating they walked away from his house and that was the last he saw of them. He lied about the blood on his clothes saying he fell and about the money he stoled off their bodies saying he sold drugs to get it. Then after the fact, he raced to take a shower and wash his clothes, in an effort to wash away any evidence of what he knew he had done, trying to erase the crime. Robert Earl Buttrey failed polygraph tests in this case. At one point before this crime occurred, Robert Earl Buttrey had a converstion with a witness where in he told and described in blatent detail and confidence of how he could kill the witness, in so many different ways and he would never be discovered or caught. The audacity of this killers thought processes and obsessions of plotting out and planning how to kill people is to say at the very least, not only calculating and pre-meditated, but extermely scary and alarming. He is a sick and sadistic individual that will stop at nothing to get what he wants for a thrill. He gets a sick pleasure out of the fact of knowing that he has the ultimate power and control over another human beings. This is his addiction, this is his rush. Because of his thought processes, he will want to continue to feed this addiction, this rush. The question is, should he be allowed to continue to feed it Because he cannot control his sadistic killer instinct and obsesses of schemes to harm and murder innocent people, he will kill again, but who will be his next victim Will it be someone you know or one of his own family Or will it be that person who thinks that he is completely harmless By the signing this petition, we hereby appeal to the Texas Pardon and Parole Board to approve and grant our petition and request to not allow Robert Earl Buttrey to be paroled, so that he may serve his full time for these crimes. 1.


The Families of the victims, Casey Ann Tiner and Thomas James Steele.


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