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Cascade Vaccine Mandate

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November 1st, 2021

Mr. John Cowdery
Mr. Ron Thalacker
Mr. Sean Fanning
Mr. John Michael Gross
Mr. Gary Crueger
Mr. Ken Moses


I am writing you all in concerns to one of the most complicated and polarizing issues in our country today. This issue effects all employees of Cascade as well as their families and loved ones, this is the issues of the COVID-19 vaccination mandates.

Many of the nation’s drilling and environmental operations have withheld from enforcing the mandated vaccinations where others have not done so. We appreciate those employers that have supported each employees’ individual rights and we will support you in all efforts to stop such vaccine mandates.

We support all Cascade employees who willfully chose to receive the COVID-19 vaccine and we also support those who have chosen not to receive the vaccine. Myself and those who have chosen not to receive the vaccine have showed up to work day in and day out through this pandemic and have performed our jobs to the standards of this company. These are the working-class men and women that have kept this company moving forward despite the obstacles these last 20 months.

We strongly believe in the choice to receive or not receive the COVID-19 vaccine is the choice of the individual, and a “God Given” choice, that should not be infringed upon by any other individual, corporation, local, state, or federal government and any action to do so would be in violation of one’s constitutional rights. Therefore, we strongly oppose any attempt of the company to mandate the COVID-19 vaccine or to force the COVID-19 vaccine upon Cascade employees by way of threat or coercion. We do not believe it is possible to meet the following list of minimum requirements that it would be necessary to any mandate scenario:

  • The Company must assure mandatory requirements are not made under threat. Duress and/or coercion of potential discipline and/or termination.
  • By mandating vaccinations, it is possible that the company is committing a crime by attempting to extort from our personal, private property and medical information by resorting to threats, duress, and/or coercion.
  • The Company must provide evidence all vaccination policies are not unconstitutional
  • The Company shall be reminded that this country; The United States of America and our society is based upon “the rule of law”, rather than arbitrary and capricious “orders,” “rules,” “dictates,” or “mandates” which were not voted on or passed by a legislature.
  • The Company must provide proof that the “health mandates” you promote, and impress have been passed and signed through Congress as per Article I of the Constitution of the United States of America and/or the State Legislatures in which you operate to be true and actual law.
  • The Company must provide proof that mandating an individual to declare their vaccination status and submit their vaccination documents as a condition of employment is not a violation of an individual’s rights under the 4th Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America.
  • The Company is also responsible to thoroughly research the COVID-19 vaccines to determine if they have been fully tested and proven entirely safe long term.
  • We believe that you lack lawful authority to mandate forced release of private medical information in violation of H.I.P.A.A. or to impose medical interventions on employees including injections as a condition of employment.
  • The Company must provide proof that employees natural immune systems and antibodies are not safer, more effective, or longer lasting than these “mandatory” medical interventions.
  • The Company must provide proof that COVID-19 vaccine are not ALL designated by the Federal Food and Drug Admiration (FDA) as experimental Use Authorization (EUA) products
  • The Company is willing to accept full liability in your personal capacities for all financial, physical and/or mental health problems that we might personally experience as a result of complying with these “mandatory” requirements.

While these requirements are not all inclusive, they are ones that must have definitive answers before any company would choose to move forward with any sort of vaccine requirements and in addition would knowingly do so accepting liability.

Your timely response must be in affidavit, under your full commercial liability, rebutting each of the points of the undersigned, on a point-by-point basis, that the facts contained therein are true, correct, complete, and not misleading. Declarations are insufficient as declarations permit lying by omission, which no honorable draft may contain. With explicit reservation of all unalienable and constitutionally secured and protected rights, and any other Rights, Privileges, and Immunities one may have none waived, and without prejudice. Please submit your response no later that December 1st, 2021.


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