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Boycott Cartoon Network Othersiders kid ghost show

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Kids ghosthunting on the cartoon network..... ack! Boycott this NOW! Not sure if you have heard about the new reality series on the cartoon network called "the othersiders". It's a show about children exploring haunted locations. I don't think these networks will ever learn how irresponsible they are being. Here's a link: http://www.cartoonnetwork.com/tv_shows/promotion_landing_page/theothersiders/index.html I keep thinking of the pink Ouija board that is for sale at Toys R US..... you have to be 16 to drive, 18 to smoke, 21 to drink. But kids watching the cartoon network can learn to ghosthunt.... age of accountability age of responsibility Kids should not be dealing with after death issues. Adults have enough difficulty with this stuff. Pass this along and prepare for the next wave of TV exploitation... as well as all the kids who will be sucked into it unprepared, uneducated and unprotected. Boycott it.. Contact them at the link below and tell them you don't want your kids watching... If you end up at an ERROR page, click the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of that error page and fill out the online form. They disabled our ability to link directly to the form. http://www.cartoonnetwork.com/feedback/index.html This was what I wrote: The Othersiders. You are being irresponsible in letting kids ghosthunt on television. We deal with kids who have suffered traumatic events after a ghost hunt went wrong. We talk to the parents and try to help these families. You have to be 16/18 to drive, 18 to smoke, 21 to drink, but you will let kids deal with after death issues and be role models for other kids. What will happen when one of your kids gets affected by a ghost or spirit and suffers irreparable harm NDA's may protect you for awhile, but the word will spread and your show will hopefully be pulled from the network. We have started a boycott of your show related to the Dangers of the Paranormal project. Why Every leading paranormal expert in the field agrees that ghost hunting is NOT for kids. The production company you are representing when picking up this project knows that. Other production companies know that. (EDITED OUT). You, as the network carrying this program will be held responsible. It is not about ratings or the politics of having a show that can take advantage of the market. It is about kids being placed into danger and other kids imitating them. some of these couch kids will be hurt. The parents will contact us and we will be the first to interview them for the Dangers of the Paranormal project. It is just a matter of time. Think about the reputation of the cartoon network because it is at stake. Sincerely, Dan Mewhinney DangersoftheParanormal.com Sign the petition below and help us out! I feel that the Cartoon Network should cancel the new kid ghosthunting show entitled The Othersiders. Ghost hunting should not be promoted to underage children. There may be dangers involved and I do NOT want my kids watching this show. I will be boycotting this show, the production company behind this show and the Cartoon Network. Let's be responsible in what we show our kids.


Dangers of the Paranormal project is an paranormal education and awareness campaign. We have interviewed leading professional in the scientific and paranormal community and posted over two hours of video online so that you can see and hear for yourself what the experts say about the kids and the dangers of the paranormal. We are especially focused on protecting children during this recent paranormal explosion on television. NOTICE! None of the individuals/organizations listed below have announced any support of our boycott or are associated with our boycott in any way. We want this to be perfectly clear. They have been willing to tell you in their own words what they feel the dangers of investigating the paranormal are in interviews we filmed in the past. Interviews include: Chris Flemming from Dead Famous, Leading demonologist John Zaffis, Exorcist Father Andrew Calder, Darkness Radio's Dave Schrader, Amy Bruni - Beyond Reality and TAPS West Coast Mark and Debbie Constantino - Paranormal State and a number of other interviews are on the way. Take a listen and decide for yourself!


The Othersiders on Cartoon Network. Watch the preview then click the "contact us" link at the bottom of the page and let them know you do not want your kids watching this show. http://www.cartoonnetwork.com/tv_shows/promotion_landing_page/theothersiders/index.html The Dangers of the Paranormal Project http://www.dangersoftheparanormal.com
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