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Cartoon Doll Emporium Improvements for the CDE Communty

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Over the years Cartoon Doll Emporium (CDE) has been a safe place for girl ages 12-17, but now it is starting to become outdated. The CDE Community now requests some improvements. This site needs to get rid of the unnecessary things, add more, and improve some of the things they already have. This petition is not to put the site of Cartoon Doll Emporium down, but to help better its community.

CDE really needs to get rid of things like the job section, contests section, CDE diary, and coloring book. These things are rather never used or rarely used. Many people do not even know how to use the job section right. Even when they do know what it is, some of them refused to pay their employees and there is no way of making them pay you. Plus, they can fire you whenever they want without any reason. Most people tend to ignore the contest section and throw contests of their own. Over half the people that used the contest section do not pick a winner of their contest and the items and CDs that are the prizes are lost. The coloring book and CDE dairy were never big and are rarely used. Most members don't even know about them let alone use them.

CDE really needs to add more moderators, a better reporting system, an avatar gallery, and a wishlist birthday present. CDE needs more moderators or at least two moderators on at all times. You can never depend on whether or not a moderator will be online or not. The times seem random and unorganized. When the people of CDE cannot find someone to help them they get upset and the problem tends to get out of hand after that. There needs to be a better reporting system for blogs. The staff should not be in charge of deciding whether or not a blog is inappropriate. The members of CDE are quite capable of reporting them themselves. There should be a button on the bottom of every blogs that reads: "Report This Blog." When a member clicks this button there should be a list of things they can report wrong with the blogs such as profanity, talking negatively about other members, inappropriate topics and subjects, and a box where they can put anything else that is not listed. Then, a moderator would read the report, look at the blog, and see if the blogs appropriate or not. Depending on their decision they will removed the blog and the member to be banned or warned depending on the severity of the situation. Many members are proud of the avatars they make and wish for somewhere they can show them off and save them too. This is where the CDE Avatar Gallery comes in. The members can save their avatars to the CDE Avatar Gallery that will be on their profiles and can always have then even after they change their avatar. There can also be a place where people can comment and rate their avatars as well. The Wishlist Birthday Present is basically you getting something off your wishlist on your birthday every year.

CDE really needs to improve the event's section, boyfriend, my baby, and my pet. The event section does not work. It never has upcoming events on it and is useless. The boyfriend section would be so much better if the boyfriend gave out real items instead of imaginary ones. That way it will be worth the CDs sent on it. The my baby really needs some improvement. Instead of only having three babies to pick from you should be able to select the gender, eye color, hair color, skin tone, and other features of the baby. You should be able to get message alerts when the baby needs something and there should be other things that go with the baby to like being able to feed, bath, and go on walks with your baby. The pet section also needs some changes. You should be able to not only pick out your pet, but pick out what type of pet it is. For example, if you pick a dog you should also be able to pick out the color and type of dog it is.

As you may see there are a lot of things that need to be changed on Cartoon Doll Emporium. If you agree with this and want to make CDE a better site for everyone them please sign this petition.


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