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Carrie Hope Fletcher is not too fat for Eponine

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I saw a post on Carries Instagram on going to the gym because some bully said she was too fat to play Eponine. I thought we could start a petition sort of thing where everyone who things she looks perfect for Eponine / generally has their names on a list that's handed to her the next time one of us sees her. Just to show her that the hate is one person against loads of others.
Don't let the internet bullies win.
Also why not post a picture of you not exercising with the hashtag #dontletthebullieswin ?

This may not change the world or address a major issue in some peoples eyes, but the fact a young women has been pressured into changing just because someone said she was too fat is wrong. She isn't too fat, she isn't unhealthily fat. So this may not seem too important but this is someone's life and you adding your name will make it so much better! Which in turn helps thousands of other peoples lives better. Lets start the ripple!

Thanks for helping,

A Fellow Hopeful

PS: Please share (if only with other hopefuls), people have to know about it to support it!

I would like to point out that Carrie has said she already was feeling more unhealthy etc. and this just gave her the motivation. However I think the message is still important, no one should feel like they have to change just because someone said it. I'm not trying to stop her exercising and never meant for it to seem like I was pressuring her into stopping, I only wanted to put out a general message to the world (using her experience as a starting point) that we should do what we want, not what others think we should do. If people don't agree with it any more I'm sorry and am happy to stop this. However I think the general message is still key.

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