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Make Vegan cat and dog foods ILLEGAL

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Animal cruelty is a huge problem, particularly the mass farming of livestock for consumption. I am VEGAN through CHOICE, after being vegetarian for many years. I completely subscribe to not consuming meat, eggs or dairy, not just for animal welfare, but for the wellbeing of our planet. It takes far more water and grain to feed livestock for food, than to feed humans. However, I have become aware of some vegetarians and vegans trying to make their pets go vegan. Vegan cat and dog foods exist. And seemingly, no one is monitoring them or their sale. Let's get one thing straight, cats and dogs are carnivores, they are designed to eat meat. Many fruits, vegetables and plants are toxic to dogs, and although they can eat other vegetables with no ill effects, they do not gain anything from them *nutritionally*. In fact it is known that if a dog is overweight or has trouble maintaining a healthy weight, it is common to feed them veg such as carrots, or a pet food higher in plant matter and lower in meat, because dogs do not properly digest vegetation, so it fills them up but passes through without any of it being utilised (or stored as fat). Cats on the otherhand are known as Obligate Carnivores. This means they eat no vegetation (cat grasses are consumed as self-medication, and to help bring up fur-balls, that is all). "Cats are obligate carnivores: their physiology has evolved to efficiently process meat, and they have difficulty digesting plant matter.[27] In contrast to omnivores such as rats, which only require about 4% protein in their diet, about 20% of a cat's diet must be protein.[27] Cats are unusually dependent on a constant supply of the amino acid arginine, and a diet lacking arginine causes marked weight loss and can be rapidly fatal.[66] Another unusual feature is that the cat also cannot produce the amino acid taurine, with taurine deficiency causing macular degeneration, where the cat's retina slowly degenerates, causing irreversible blindness.[27] Since cats tend to eat all of their prey, they obtain minerals by digesting animal bones, and a diet composed only of meat may cause calcium deficiency.[27]" Taken from Wikipedia. Taurine occurs naturally in meat and organs (such as liver). So why would anyone think it is acceptable to feed their cat or dog a diet completely devoid of meat and animal products? Recently someone known to me killed their dog by feeding it a vegan petfood. After switching her pet it began losing weight, and 'looking depressed' (her words). Eventually two of her dogs had a nasty fight. Most probably due to being hungry and stressed out due to their wholly inappropriate diet. I tried to tell her to put the dog(s) on a BARF diet (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food), but I can only assume she did not, because a month later the dog died. It's time someone was looking out for these animals. Vegan dog & cat foods NEED to be made illegal, to protect the welfare of these animals. Feeding a dog or cat a vegan diet is animal cruelty. Simple as that. I love all creatures, which is why *I* choose to NOT eat anything of animal origin. But I love my dogs and cats, and so they are fed raw meat and bones, offal, muscle meat & fish, which keeps them HEALTHY. Please sign if you agree.

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