Give Blackwattle their Jackets!

Dragon Born
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for too long have we suffered at the hands of corporate watchdogs stealing the money from rich, over-privileged white families. Despite all attempts to strong-arm our hard-earned money back into the hands of those who deserve it the most, the corporate mongrels who swim in their pools of cold, hard cash have refused to refund our attempt to express our pride and our identity!

Men and women, brothers and sisters of Blackwattle Bay, will you sit idly as vile money-hungry companies refute our money? Will you stand idly as they bulldoze away our homes and our lives? Or will you fight until the last breath for our glorious rights as students of Blackwattle Bay!? Sign this petition now, or forever you shall wallow in your own shame as a Blackwattlian!





  • 4 years ago
    Debbie Michael South Africa
    4 years ago