Noise Pollution at Canyon Apartments

Olena Revina
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I am a concerned tenant of 25 Canyon Avenue, who will reach out on your behalf to Greenwin Property Management, the Local MP and Landlord and Tenant Board to get help. I will fight for our right to live in a safe, comfortable environment.

I have already met some of you by knocking on your door. Thank you for the very positive response, and thank you for your support. If you already signed a paper version of this petition, and would like to sign electronically, please indicate so in comments, so that I do not count your name twice.

Your voice counts.


Please do leave additional comments about this petition, your experience with noise in your apartment or any other issues that you feel are pertinent.

Thank you.

Petition Text:

"We, the undersigned residents of 25 and 15 Canyon Avenue, Toronto, ON, M3H 4Y1, oppose the unsafe and debilitating levels of noise pollution which are currently accompanying Balcony Repairs and Brick Restoration work, which is carried out by K.I.B Building Restoration at our building.

We believe that the noise levels are harmful and the dangers of the project outweigh the benefits to the residents. In addition to causing months of construction disruptions, dust and dirt pollution, the noise levels, which are very high and non-stop from 8:30am to 6pm on business days, impede the daily activities of everyone who remains in the building during the daytime, as well as they are reducing the quaility of life now and for some, may reduce for years to come.

Noise pollution is dangerous. Prolonged exposure may cause cardiovascular problems, hearing loss, tinnitus, sleep disturbances, changes in blood pressure, and stress levels. It is especially dangerious to sick people, children and seniors who are more likely to be exposed to it during the hours of repairs."


I am a concerned tenant of 25 Canyon Avenue, Toronto, ON M3H 4Y1. You may contact me through this site, and I will reply to you by email.


Ontario Tenants Rights:


Residential Tenancies Act:


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