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Petition to take away Vancouver's NHL franchise in the wake of the 2011 riots

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I am not a hockey fan - but that is not why I am asking you to sign this petition. I am asking you to sign this petition because Vancouver has shown twice that they are not worthy to host a Stanley Cup Finals game. Not because they lose, but because their fans decide to destroy their city when they lose. 

 I didn't want the Olympics. Now I'm paying for it with a tax hike (HST mystery solved!). I didn't want the Stanley Cup Finals - now I'm sure I'll be paying for the destruction caused with my money as well. My beautiful (though overpriced) city has an international black eye because a bunch of morons and bandwagonners got caught up in the excitement and did the wrong thing. I hope they all get charged with serious criminal offences and think twice about doing this at the Grey Cup (seems to be reserved for hockey alone though). 

 There are those that will say that it was NOT the fans, but rather a crowd of 60 or so "anarchists" that did this. Are you INSANE? That wasn't 60 people rioting last night, that was tens of thousands. The women in jerseys running into the Bay and fighting over free jewelry, cosmetics and handbags with their fake tans and breasts - do those fit your profile of street anarchists? The morons who could afford all of the Canucks swag that they proudly flaunted as they tore through downtown and burned cars - are those the "minority" that people are talking about? No. They were - and are -the majority. They can't be trusted as they are too ignorant to understand what their stupidity has done to this great city and unfortunately they are representative of the demographic - young, dumb, violent and, believe it or not, affluent. 

There are of course the minority -the Canucks fans that were horrified by what happened and were out there early in the morning cleaning up after the losers. Some of my very good friends I would count in this category, and I feel awful about how they will react when they read this.  They have a lot of heart and they were nowhere near this problem, nor were they anywhere near the 94 riots (some of them were really young but even had they been of age, there's no way they would have been involved with this).  This is not directed at them - they are good people who have a passion for the game and sport and congratulated Boston on their win last night.  And I'm sure there are many others like this in the city.  For these poor souls I feel empathy, but I also note that their handful when compared to the massive crowds looting and pillaging last night should speak for itself in terms of their relative sizes.  

 GO Canucks GO! AWAY!


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