Retain Jim Hockenhull as Student Services Manager

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Mr Bennett:

We are students, both past and present, and we urge you to reconsider keeping on Jim Hockenhull at Gower College in his current capacity as Student Services manager dude.

Jim is a man. We think.

A man who makes everyone laugh - mostly at him, but always with him.

A man who 

But he is also a man who every single student feels they could go to with their problems, no matter how trivial.

In the current economic climate, we know all too well that times are hard and tough decisions must be made as we put down that second tube of Pringles (unless they are on offer).

But to get rid of Jim? That's just not cricket. That's so not cricket it is, in fact, probably F1.

But, in all seriousness?

It is rare to find a person who can connect with anyone they meet, to make them feel at ease with themselves, their situation and their environment - no amount of training can ever instill that in a person. It's instinct. It's special. And you will be making the biggest mistake of your career if you let someone who possesses all these things - and more - slip through your fingers.

Please don't deprive future generations of the many adventures of Uncle Bert, of the musical stylings of Maldwyn Plank but - most important of all - do not deprive them of the guidance and experience of a man nobody can meet without remembering, fondly, how he helped make their lives just that little bit better.


The Undersigned.




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