No Off School Campus Lunches For 9th and 10th Graders.

Donna Suddeth
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This is for everyone that resides in Canton, IL. 61520. We as a community need to come together and say enough is enough! Everyone seems to be blaming everyone else for the drug/alcohol abuse that is going on, before and during lunch hour at our school. I want to see a great amount of names signing this petition, to prove that WE CARE and WE ARE going to stand up and fight. I would say there's very few schools now that have off campus lunches. Off campus is a privilage not a right. I would like it closed but I do believe in giving people second chances. This is why I per pose that only Junior and Seniors are allowed to go off campus for lunch now at Canton High School. I know this will not solve the problem all together but it will give our teenagers the message that their behaviors are not acceptable! I will give this to the high school, when I have over 500 signatures. Please help me in this fight, Canton is a wonderful place to live but it could be so much better! Thank you!





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