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cancelled teen titans go

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I don't understand how children find this show so interesting. It doesn't engross me at all, but rather it offends me. This show really deserves to die. This show has terrible humor, horrible crammed-in stereotypes and pop culture references, disgusting animation, bad acting, appalling writing, and lots of vile episodes, not to mention that this show offends people who watched the original TT. But they don't stop there, they continue offending people and their dreams and favorite memories which deserve credit such as Young Justice. This is a disgrace to DC and the original show. The original show has good writing, good plots, good acting, good everything. This show, however is just the complete opposite of that, and I find it completely unfortunate that children don't appreciate amazing details like this at all. I can't possibly describe this show in words. It is probably one of the worst shows of all time from CN (even though you would probably expect something horrendous from ...moreM+76

The Powerpuff Girls reboot is worse than this show. Yeah I said it. Worse. Plus this show and the reboot had a crossover episode too. Yeah Cartoon Network has really gone downhill (which is why I never go on it anymore). - AnonymousxcxcM-4

You know what? I have had it with Teen Titans Go, It has ruined my childhood, and replaced it with a stuff of nightmares, Such as Horrifyingly bad humor, Terribly offensive jokes, And completely ruins the DC logo, Not only does it make fun of The Original TT, but it also makes fun of Young-Justice as well, poking fun at things we used to love and watch but sadly lived a short life...Not only do they use lazy title names, ruin the characters we oh so loved and looked forward too see, but also turned them into things wee hate, it's not even an original show, I can't believe how this is even still alive, perhaps it has to do with the fact that it doesn't need fans, just hatters, as long as we continue to hate this show and make fun of it, it will get more and more popular, thus we are the ones feeding it..The one true way to destroy this distressful show is to stop hatting and stop noticing it all together, that's how we get rid of bad music, that's how we will get rid of this ...moreM+38

This show is completely ridiculous, unfunny, pointless, and just a slap in the face to fans of the original. There are episodes where it seems it's the writer's goal to piss of the original fans. They've not only made fun of the old series and its characters, but they even brought in Young Justice to make a joke out of it when they know people are still angry about it being cancelled. I read somewhere that the creator wanted the show to appeal to little kids. Okay? Apparently show's nowadays need to go full on stupid to appeal to children. The first TT series came out when I was like, 6 or 7, and I loved that show. My friends, also around that age, loved it, too. It didn't need stupid and offensive jokes, it didn't need to butcher not only the titans, but other DC characters to get laughs, and it didn't need to make pointless episodes to get me and my friends engaged. It had a great balance between seriousness and humor. The creator saying that the reason TTGo is so silly is because ...moreM+8

This show is terrible compared to the original.

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