Calvary Christian school -king hires unqualified teachers!

Sarah  Brown
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Hey everybody I'm sure by now some of you people from king have heard a fuss about the pastor in king (Pastor Kevin Broyhill). Well he has now gotten rid of a very qualified history teacher and replaced her with two very unqualified twenty three year olds. They are so arrogant. A lot of the children up there have lost respect for those two teachers because of just the first two first days. I have also lost all my respect for the principal up there. He always tells the children do what's right, do what's right! Yet he sits there and tries to cover up the truth about replacing teachers. I know a lot of students are beginning to lose respect for him as we'll. When will enough lying be enough? When will the pastor and principal be the men of God they claim to be? When will those who have been silent step forward? The time is now! Before we lose the whole school to the world because of us living hypocritical lives!




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