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Katherine Sylwester
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Dear CAKE: We the people who reside or sometimes reside in Melbourne, Australia hereby request that you perform a solo, kick-ass show in our humble city.

 We understand that you made an appearance in Melbourne at the Harvest Festival of 2012 but feel entirely shafted by the lack of Melbourne side-shows. 

 We would appreciate a re-appearance of your band at your earliest convenience. We hear that it gets pretty cold in Sacramento in December.Why not head to Sunny Australia? 

We who sign this petition also pledge following as extra incentive:

 1) To come see your show even if it costs a fuk-ton 

 2) To shout all of your drinks because we know that you are used to your $4 cocktails at the Zebra Club and are shocked at our standard drink price

3) To participate in the sing-along songs like the sheep you want us to be 

 4) To demonstrate to you why Melbourne is the best city in OZ despite what you had previously thought or had been told

 Kindest Regards Your Avid Fans from down-undah





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