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Below is the previous petition that we started to help get BX affordable for Lyme Disease patients.

Delta Institute is currently undergoing a year case study membership at the price of $5,500. This is a BIG change from what the previous membership was offered at. This is currently only offered to Lyme Disease Patients.

The following are the qualifications:

Membership Qualification Criteria.

a.Must be a Referral, such as via; other members, clinical affiliates, friends, family, physicians, oncologists, physicians, Delta websites, Delta viral media, public relations, social networks and web portals, etc.

b.Must agree and comply with all membership terms and conditions.

c.Must have access to a device with internet service in order to access the Delta Institute website(s) and back office member portal (this can also be accomplished via family or close friend advocate).

d.Must possess appropriate mindset towards self-treatment protocols.

e.Must possess financial capability.

f.Must possess family or close friend advocate support.

g.Must possess positive attitude towards research, learning and education.

You can watch testimonials regarding the product at:






The $5,500 is for a Membership into the yearly program. If you are still interested (as this is $12,000 of the regular price) Please contact me on Facebook or atRandy.Garvin@icloud.com.
Also contact Brett Hultberg or Stacey Dana Price via Facebook as well if interested.


This petition is to please make the BX Antitoxin available to Chronic Lyme Patients Per Vial instead of the $17,000 year program.

BX Antitoxin is a revolutionary treatment for Chronic Lyme Disease Patients that works. However with the hundred of thousands of dollars we spend on physician appointments, testing, supplements, alternative treatments and medication it is basically impossible for any Lyme patients to pay the $17,000 a year when only need 1-2 vials for results.

After the 3rd shot of BX I felt the best I had ever felt. It felt as if I had never had Lyme Before. Unfortunately, even though have the $17,000 Many of the Lyme Community wish it be available per vial instead of having to pay forward a years amount.

This is an amazing product however unrealistic in able to pay for a year program when Chronic Lyme Patients only need 1-2 vials of the BX.

We started this petition in hopes there will be change at Delta Institute and Dr. Smith will start offerring the ability to purchase per vial instead of the $17,000 year program.

It benefits both lyme patients as well as delta institute by having more patients purchase per vial. It helps both Delta Institute as well as all of us sufferring from Chronic Lyme Disease.

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