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Business Owners / Taxpayers of America Unite

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President Obama's 2011 budget speech had unbelievably bad timing. Many Americans were in the process of completing their tax returns when the President made the ridiculous claim that those who earn more than $250,000 "can afford to pay more." I suppose in his eyes, we are all trust fund babies who sit on our butts all day, ordering drinks with little umbrellas. At least that is what he would like everyone to think-- so that Americans don't mind soaking them for every last penny. 

Here's a reality check: most families earning over $250,000 per year are small business owners, who struggled and saved, risked everything, and continue to work late nights and weekends, without a break. If we were employees, the Department of Labor would surely see our work as excessive and oppressive. Yet we choose to do it. Sometimes we fail, and sometimes we succeed. If we succeed, the government is there with its hand out, ready to reap the rewards of our labor. Now if we were taxed at the same rate as every other American, it wouldn't be so infuriating. At least we would know that every American was paying the same share. As it stands now, its not good enough that dollarwise we pay more, as we earn more. Oh no -- under our progressive tax system our success is already punished Mr. President. Yet that's still not enough for Mr. Obama and his liberal friends. He thinks we don't "pay our fair share." I agree. It is NOT fair that 5% of the population (those earning adjusted gross income of $160,000 or more annually) is carrying 60% of the tax burden. Yet Obama wants to take this legalized theft to new heights. He wants us to pay an even higher percentage of our hard-earned money. 

Let's "get this straight" as the President likes to say. He is NOT talking about his uber-rich friends like George Soros and Warren Buffet. To them, the extra $200,000 they may pay in taxes if the marginal rates are increases is pocket change. But he knows they wouldn't pay more anyway. Their accounts will be perfectly safe from the government. He is not referring to them. The super rich will always be fine. Yet he disingenuously points to his yacht-owning buddies being able to "afford to pay more," as the target of his tax hike plans. Don't let him fool you. How could he say families earning $250,000 are in the same category as Bill Gates? I dare a family of four to earn $250,000 per year and live in New Jersey or California without having to shop at Walmart regularly. It's impossible. Yet, we are the "rich" he is targeting. He knows it -- otherwise he would propose raising the taxes on those making more than $10,000,000, and closing the loopholes in the tax code. He would never make such a proposal. He'd rather stick it to those who can't fight the IRS -- in order to promote fairness among the masses. We are all "little people" in his eyes, and it unfair that some little people have more than other little people. The uber rich will have no change in their lifestyle, but those of us who earn over $250,000, will be put in our places so that all "regular folks" can live the same: in the same houses, driving the same cars, all crammed into cities taking Joe's public transportation since gas prices will be too high to drive, by design. But I digress. 

Mr. Obama and his socialist backers should be careful about what they wish for. We business owners, who toil from early morning until the wee hours of the night, are tired. We are very tired. As it is, between federal, state, and local taxes, many of us already pay 50% of our income in taxes. At some point, it's just not going to be worth working so hard. At some point, "Atlas will shrug," and will stop holding up the system. It is just too heavy of a burden. 

If the Republicans don't thwart Mr. Obama's proposal to raise taxes, I propose that all business owners STOP paying quarterly taxes. I certainly don't propose going out and blowing that cash. Keep it aside and earn the meager interest on it. But do NOT make your estimated federal tax payments every quarter. Hold off until the end of the year, and take the penalty. If we all stick to together, we can send a message to Washington. We are the engine that makes this economy run. We can stop that engine at any time. So don't push us Mr. President. Your Union goons at the SEIU cannot "force" us to work. We, the producers, the movers of the economy can bring it to a grinding halt if you do not back off. We give, we give, we give enough already. 

If you want your children to have the same opportunities you have had in life, stand up and tell Mr. Obama that you have had enough. Sign the Petition below, and pass it on. After the tea party, it was time to fight. It is time to fight again, for your children, for your grandchildren, for future generations. . . . and for yourself. Let's roll. 

To President Obama and Members of Congress: If federal tax rates are increased above levels existing on 4/15/11, I pledge that I will not make my federal quarterly tax payments. I work long and hard for my money, so I will not apologize for my success, and I do not expect the government to bail me out if I fail. I will stick together with my fellow Americans who are the producers and job-creators in this economy, by stopping the lunacy of funding a government with out of control spending. Our current government is like a child who asks for more, and more, and more, and is never satisfied, no matter how much she receives. If one more request is asked of us, we pledge to call a "time out" on our government. I refuse to fear my own government, or give in to it's constant whining. Instead, I pledge to change it, by reminding government officials that I pay their salaries and at any moment, I can stop payment on their checks. I will NOT make quarterly tax payments if my taxes are raised a single penny. The lunacy stops here.


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