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Dear City Of Hallettsville,

        I want to propose a Petition to you. This Petition will contain very helpful information for You as a whole to consider and discuss. This Petition will try to persuade, and inform you about a very helpful Architectural Development.

        This Petition will also contain information about the Architectural Development, such as:

                             1. Description of the Project

                             2. Information about the Project

                             3. Positive/Negative Effects of the Project

                             4. List of Reasons for Skate Parks

                             5. Cost of the Project 

                             6. Listings of the Providers that can construct the Project

                             7. List of the Places where the Project can be built

                             8. Personal Bio


           Section 1: Description of the Project

                 The Project is gonna be called: "Project: Sk8= The Development of Something Special." The Project got its name from the Architectural Development that is going to be created.


           Section 2: Information about the Project

                 The Project or "Project: Sk8= The Development of Something Special," is being created so that the kids of our town don't have to sit at home or run the streets looking trouble or flat out suffer from boredom anymore.

                 The Project is also being created so that the population and size/area will be increased immensely over the next couple of years. The Project is being created to give a place for the Skateboarders and BMX riders and the In-Line Skaters have a place they can go too so that they do not get in trouble with the Law for Skating on Private Business Property. The Project is going to create a Skate Park for our community.

                 The Skate Park is going to have no entrance fee at all. It will also have strict guidelines posted on the fence around the Park. The guidelines will state as follows:

    -No BMX Bikes Allowed,

    -No Scooters/Motor Scooters or anything that has a motor or battery attached to it,

    -No Tobacco, Alchohol, Drugs, Firearms, Knives,

    -Open from dawn till dusk(hours include: 7am-11pm)

    -Skate At Your Own Risk

    -We as the City of Hallettsville are NOT Responsible for ANY Injuries that Might Occur While You're Skating in the Park!!!


         ***The reason behind having a "Skate At Your Own Risk," and "We as the Community of Hallettsville, Texas are NOT Responsible for ANY Injuries that might Occur while Skating in this Park," signs around the Park is so that No-one Can Sue Our Town for Their Injuries that happened to them in the Skate Park. It's for Safety Reasons, and so that our town doesn't have Lawsuits against it, because someone hurt themselves skating in the SkatePark.***


         Section 3: Positive/Negative Effects of the Project

                 -Positive: The things that I think would be Positive are as follows:

                         1. The Skate Park would get the children of our off the streets and put them in a Safe Environment so that they can play and have fun, while being kids.

                         2. The Skate Park would also get our teenagers and older children off the streets where they sell drugs and also keep them out of trouble with the Police Officers and keep them out of Jail.

                         3. The Skate Park will also give our Skateboarders a Safe Environment to Skate instead of them either having to Skateboard in the middle of a Public Street or them Skateboarding on a Private Business such as: Banks, Public Offices of Business, EMS Stations, Hospital Parking Lots, etc..., the Skate Park also gives the Skateboarders the opportunity to advance as Skaters and gives them better things to Skate instead of having to Skate things that will get them put in Jail.

                         4. The Skate Park will increase our population more and more when it's built because it will attract visitors to our town that could potentially settle down here or they could just come to visit. It also will potentially put our town on the Map. Which is a very vital thing, because if our town is on the Map then our town will grow and grow over the years instead of getting smaller and smaller.

                         5. Along with the Skate Park, a Skateboard Shop will need to be built, so that everyone can buy Skateboards, Skateboard Accessories including: (Helmets, Arm/Knee Pads, Hardware, Bearings, Trucks, and Wheels). {But we don't need to build the Skate Shop right away, we can wait a little while to build it, to see how this park turns out and see how many people we will have visiting it.} By doing this our town will get a cut of the profits of every item in the Shop that is sold. Also, if the Skate Shop is built it will make it where there will be lots more tourists coming to Skate at our Skate Park, because won't have to leave to go to a different town just to get things for their Skateboards, if they break something.

                -Negative: There really isn't any negative effects unless you just don't like Skateboarders at all.


            Section 4: List of Reasons for Skate Parks

                   -->Statistics of the United States about Skateboarding:

                             1. In 2007 there are over 13 million skateboarders in the U.S. 93.7% are younger than 24. When one considers that there are about 80 million people in the United States between the ages of 5 and 24, it suggests that 1 out of every 7 youth in the nation, or 12,997,000, are skateboarders.

                             2. In any given community, roughly 4.6% will be casual skateboarders and half of those will be weekly skaters.

                  -->28 Reasons for Skate Parks

                             1. Skateboarders need safe places to recreate.

                             2. Skateparks, if designed and constructed correctly, are fiscally conservative and require very little maintenance

                             3. Compared to other sports, skateboarding is underserved in the area.

                             4. Skateboarding has millions of participants nationally and it's still growing while more traditional sports are in decline. There are currently abundant facilities for these other sports.

                             5. Skateboarding is a multi-million dollar industry.

                             6. Skateboarders represent a vital part of an urban community.

                             7. A skatepark can attract skateboarding tourists if designed to do so.

                             8. With national health issues loomin for today's youth, it's time to offer a greater number of healthy, athletic choices.

                             9. The cost to participate is accessible to every economic class.

                            10. Thousands of other communities have come to understand the value of skateparks.

                            11. Skating in a park is much safer than skating in the streets.

                            12. The community already has hundreds, and maybe thousands of skateboarders.

                            13. In the future there are going to be many legitimate places to skate in the city. The time to embark on that positive future is now.

                            14. A skatepark is a place where skateboarders and other people who might not cross paths in the street can come together.

                            15. Skateparks can displace other less desirable activities in the area.

                            16. The skatepark can be an attraction for family vacations.

                            17. Skateboarding is "cool," and a skatepark will enhance the community's reputation.

                            18. Good skateparks often have volunteer teams to help maintain the facility.

                            19. Skateparks can draw skateboarders away from less appropriate areas.

                            20. Young and old people use skateparks.

                            21. Skateparks support vibrant, healthy communities, just like many other athletic facilities.

                            22. Skateboarding is a popular spectator

                            23. Skateparks are flexible in design and can work in many different size plots.

                            24. The skatepark can be a place to go after school.

                            25. Neighborhood skateparks allow younger skaters to recreate safely close to home.

                            26. Skateboarding is happening with or without a skatepark.

                            27. Ther are experts who can help the community plan out their next skatepark.

                            28. The best time to start the new skatepark is today.

           Section 5: Cost of the Project

                   The total cost of the whole Project is going to be in different ranges depending on what's being built. The things that are going to need to be built are as follows:

                        1. The Skate Park  -The Cost of the Skate Park is in the range depending on the size/area of the Park. If we decide to build the Park at approx. 3,000-4,500square foot is going to depict how much money is going to take to build it. It will be a Total Cost of around $25,000-$75,000max.

                 ***Also we have to make signs that state the guidelines that are going to have to be followed or you won't be able to Skate in the Park at all. The guidelines are stated in "Section 2: Information on the Project; Paragraph 2&3." We as a Community will enforce these guidelines very strongly. If someone doesn't seem like they can abide by the guidelines and they decide they want to break them they will be charged with a Citation or kicked out of the Park. I think if will help so much if these signs are Posted on a Large Sign and at the entrance also.***
           Section 6: Listings of the Providers that can construct the Project
                    -The #1 Best Provider that can construct the Project for us is: SPA Skateparks Design/Build Services. They built the Skate Park in Victoria, Texas.
                    -The #2 Provider that can construct the Project for us is: Suburban Rails: Skatepark Build Services.
           Section 7: List of the Places where the Project can be built
                    -We can build the Project/Skatepark at the Park behind the Little League Baseball Field, in that open field. There is enough land there to build it.
                    -The lot across from the NAPA Autoparts Store, it's off the Town Square going towards the City Park, It's next to the Old Town Jail House.
            Section 8: Personal Bio
                    I'm Sean Little(Resident of 600 North Market Street, and a Fellow Skateboarder of the Community).
                    I'm 17 years old, about to be 18 on December 26 of this year. I'm a Senior in Hallettsville High School.
                    I as a Resident have been thinking of doing this for a extensively long time. I have discussed this will my fellow peer's, I have also discussed this with the Families in my neighborhood and in my area. I've wanted to do this construction since I was 14, and a Freshmen in High School(Hallettsville High School).
                    If you want our Wonderful and Beautiful Town to prosper and get larger in size/area then will you please consider my Proposition, and please ask me any questions that you have.
                You questions can be sent or asked at any time, anywhere, any place.
         If you have any suggestions or recommendations please contact me at:
                     Cell: 1-(361)-772-8424
            Hours that i'm available: 5:30pm-10pm on weekdays
                                             12pm-12am on the weekends
  Thank you for reading, considering and discussing my Petition.
                    Sean Little





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