Build the JBLM Cross-Base Highway now!

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This affects not only those in the military that utilize the bases but also those who commute from one side of the base to the other and to those who can attest to the traffic caused by the back-ups due to the inadequate 2-lane road currently in place between bases (Perimeter Road). The following points illustrate the urgency for this highway to be completed...

>>>150,000 vehicles commute to/from/on the bases every day.

>>>30,000 more vehicles are expected to be added to the daily count within a decade.

>>>2004 study shows that by 2025, State Routes 512, 7, 161, and 507 will all be maxed out with the traffic capacity.

>>>Only current plan is Puget Sound Regional Council Transportation 2040 plan, meaning it's not expected to move forward for another 25 years.

Bottom line: Please sign this petition and make life easier for all of us, military and civilian, in Pierce County.



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