Make "Buddha was born in Nepal" song officially National Anthem of Nepal

Yamaa Budhhaa
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Sang by Mr. Dhirj Rai, "Buddha was born in Nepal" is the greatest song every written in the history of whole world.

Each note and word in this song is filled with patriotism and reflects the true identity of Nepal. After listening this song each Nepali's heart will be filled with love for his/her country.

And this song spread the message of Lord Buddha i.e "Buddha was born in Nepal" to the whole world... This song also correctly reflect the bravery of Gurkha, which helped UK and Allies win world War II.

Since it is English song whole world will get the message "buddha was born in Nepal" , Gurkha was born in Nepal and roof of the world Mt. Everest is in Nepal.

The objective of this petition is to replace current National Anthem with Dhiraj Rai's song "Buddha was born in Nepal" or make this secondary national anthem. Imagine millions of Nepali singing this song in one voice and spreading message of peace, live and unity i.e "buddha was born in Nepal" to whole world.

After we have collected enough signatures we will print it and send it to Ram Baran Yadav (President of Nepal) , Supreme Court and to Constituent Assembly / Parliament (if it is formed) .

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