Buckley School Construction Traffic Monitoring

Steven Weiss
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The Buckley School is scheduled to begin their expansion project with construction of their first new building within the next 90 days. The #1 concern expressed by Buckley's residential neighbors is traffic. Using a portion of the $50,000 neighborhood protection fund that Buckley was required to establish, it is proposed that a portion of that amount (between approximately $5,000-$10,000) be used to install a traffic monitoring device at the entrance to the school. The purpose of the device will be to ensure that the school does not violate the trip caps set forth in its Conditional Use Permit and to ensure that construction vehicles abide by the restrictions.

All signatures will beforwarded to theCouncilman Koretz'soffice and the Department of City Planning asking for their support. The purpose of the traffic monitoring device is simply to ensure that Buckley lives-up to the promises that it made to its neighbors in consideraton of its upcoming six (6) year expansion project.





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