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BTS Recognition for To the Edge of the Sky

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This is a petition to show ARMYs support for To the Edge of the Sky and their desire to have it recognized by BTS.


In March 2017, we at Aeon Dream Studios debuted our demo for To the Edge of the Sky, a sci fi visual novel game inspired by the South Korean group known globally as BTS. In time, ARMYs all over the world sent us overflowing support, and the game - though only a demo - was translated into many languages and downloaded over 600,000 times with over 50,000 reviews as fans asked for it to continue.O

Our goal was to make ARMYs happy, and also to pay tribute to BTS' artistry. But in time, TTEOTS began to gain fans in its own right. These fans expressed to us their desire to have those who inspired the game acknowledge TTEOTS, as it has come to mean so much to many ARMY themselves. It is because many fans kept sending us kind messages and support, stating both their wish to have the game continue, and asking us what they could do to help make the unofficial game “official” that we have decided to create this petition.

Through this petition, we hope to gather the signatures of those that want to support To the Edge of the Sky and show BTS and BigHit the desire and will of fans to have the game recognized by them. We will do our best to deliver this petition to them.

Below are the personal thoughts of two out of the three Aeon Dream Studios’ creative staff on why they personally would hope the game will be recognized:

  • "I want them to be happy. I hope it alleviates their burdens and stresses a little, and it'd be great if more comes out of that (referring to possibility of making the game official), but if it does only even that, even a little, that'd be so meaningful. It’d make it all worth it. I hope that they can look at the game and think "Wow this is so cool, that's me?!" I hope that it touches them, and that they feel understood." - Ajané J.K. Celestin, CEO, Creative Director & Lead Writer
  • "Yeah! (agreeing with the above sentiment) And the whole gesture of ARMY creating a game for them, because we relate and they've touched us deeply. I want them to understand the positive impacts that they have, too." - Marta Fernandes, Art Director & Lead Artist

We at Aeon Dream Studios do not walk alone and this game would not continue on without the support of fans. It is for this reason that we have asked for fans of TTEOTS to explain why they personally wanted the game to be acknowledged. We have included ALL the fan replies here and will continue to update them. Here are a few fan comments we received that we felt best fit the sentiments of the fandom, along with the comments in this petition itself! They answer the question "Why do you want BTS to notice/acknowledge To the Edge of the Sky?"

  • "I think people express their feelings differently. Like some shout or another will create an awesome game. I'd love to see their reactions. Like their thoughts about the characters, the story, the entire thing! I think that it's inspiring to see what people can do who you inspired. Also to remind them that their hard work isn't taken for granted. Like they've a real impact on our lives & we want to share this with them." -@christymiyur, Twitter
  • "1.) It is an amazing game. From the writing to the art work, the world building that I continuously obsess over and the *characters* 2.) It deserves attention b/c of how amazing it is & BTS playing/reacting to the game would give it MAJOR exposure, and I stan y’all so. 3.) I want to see how BTS would react in the first place, and them reacting to the game would 100% put it on BigHit’s radar.

    4.) This game is inclusive and you always have international fans in mind. This global perspective reflects BTS’s and I honestly think they’d find it hella cool that you’ve achieved this through a visual novel that isn’t even a full game yet. 5.) In sum, I think it would be a huge step for Aeon Dream to be acknowledged by BTS, and it would be cool to see the members get the experience of playing as if they’re an ARMY. There isn’t anything like this, and I truly hope this game can spread its wings and fly even higher. ” -@hantranbangtan, Twitter
  • “It would be great for the boys to see the impact they have on the fandom. I think it’s very powerful that what you love gives people inspiration to do what they love. I’m sure they would appreciate and adore the things you guys are doing, and the happiness you are providing to all the ARMYs who play the game. Not only that, but it also shows how passionate you guys are,and the capacity you have to achieve great things even with limited support." -@hansolaces, Twitter
  • "BTS has claimed many times that they want to interact and get to know ARMYs better. They also said because of this fandom they continue to express their emotions and opinions through their music. TTEOTS has a similar (if not the same) concept. It promotes closeness between the player and the characters and I think BTS would resonate with the game on an emotional and psychological level." - 012, TTEOTS Amino
  • "I'd like them to notice TTEOTS because the game looks like them in many aspects:
    On the light side: Ok, the characters take inspiration from them, but now just from their physical/public image. You give them ddepth, struggles...humanity. You're not making the game just like a self-insert-elaborate-dating-fanfiction. I'm sure they would have a lot of fun playing and reading the path their alter-ego characters take in the (enjoyable, beautiful, super-fun-yet-deep, awesome, etc) story you're creating (Also, the art: so amazing, this beauty has to be seen!)."

    On the more serious side: You said yourself that you wanted to talk about the social and philsophical issues in the game, because you feel that as creators with a voice that can reach many people, it is your responsibility to help change things and make people think. BTS is a group that is known for tackling important societal topics in their music: bullying, mental health, heavy societal ideals...And even just recently they proved it was still part of their "brand" with the LoveMyself campaign with UNICEF. I think they would be really proud to see that the game inspired by them shares the same philosophy and is addressing those kinds of issues, too." -@berylthanh, Twitter
  • "The art. The story. The time. The effort. You three work so hard to make this game. You studied BTS and tries your best to put their personalities into each one of their game counterparts. And you can tell that when you play the game. You work so hard. And I'm sure that if the boys played the game they would absolutely love it. They would probably be really grateful and flip out. Not to mention that you have been taking care of their ARMYs that came over to this fandom as well. You three work so hard, we just want you to get recognition for this hard work. We love you guys. - internationalstruggle, TTEOTS Amino

We thank you for taking the time to read about our genuine feelings and that of our fans, and to thank everyone who signs and all of our fans for their help, love and support. We love you!

-Aeon Dream Studios.

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