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BST - Membership Drive 2017 - ID Check - Fair GO for all members!

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Members and The Sangat of the Brisbane Sikh Temple

To: The Secretary

Brisbane Sikh Temple

Logan Rd


1 March 2017

Dear Secretary

Reference: Membership renewals and new members

It has come to our attention that the committee is trying to renew membership according to the announcements made in the Gurdwara of current registered members without any identity document checks, where as a new person becoming a member is being asked to bring a photocopy of current identity card with name and address to verify their eligibility to become a member.

We are requesting the committee to act responsibly and do the honourable deed to treat everyone equally. We are of the view that a photocopy of the identity card such as drivers licence or over 18 cards should be attached with all the membership renewal or application form. Any Australian government endorsed identification process could be used for these purposes. Examples of these could be a passport with a pension card with address to verify the residential address. This photocopy should be endorsed by the committee member after checking its legibility and filed with membership form for any future audits.

A person eligible to be a member according to the Brisbane Sikh temple constitution should be a resident of Brisbane or in the vicinity of Brisbane. (Section 5 sub1 A).

A past member could have moved out of Brisbane or vicinity of Brisbane and become ineligible. By not checking his or her identity card could mean ineligible person renewing the membership.

A number of Sangat members and some committee members have raised concerns that the current membership register may have fraudulent members registered because of lack of identity checks in the past. We can’t allow this to continue and need a clean and legitimate membership register.

We request the committee to ensure all the renewals and new applicants identity to be checked and a photocopy be endorsed by a committee member receiving the form. The identity should be filed for any future audits so every ones accountable for their actions. Any past membership cards are not valid identity cards because of the above reasons and needs to be cancelled. The

new membership cards issued should also have an expiry date to the extent of paid membership fees. Example of such is if the fee is paid for the period of 1 year (30 March 2018) than the membership card should show the expiry date of March 2018.

We will nominate a group of individuals after the renewal of membership to audit the register to ensure it is correct. Any registration done without proof of identity will be declared invalid.

We as current Gurdwara members and members of the Sangat who intend to become members in the next renewals strongly suggest the committee members to act responsibly and do the right things by the Gurdwara constitution and the Australian laws.

Failing the above mentioned, we will request under the constitution section 22B for the secretary to call a special general meeting to resolve this issue before the renewal of the current membership.

We here by nominate Satpal Singh (current Committee member) to act on our behalf and receive all correspondence. Satpal’s email is as follows: and phone number is 0407 053 467. Please let us know your response before 8th of March 2017.

Yours Sincerely

Brisbane Sikh Sangat

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