We want the Nickelodeon of the 90's on its own channel!

Anthony Ceniccola
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This is a petition to convince the powers that be to create a channel for the 90's line-up of Nickelodeon. There should be an array of shows that only aired through the 90's in no particular order. If Nick-at-Night and Nick Jr. have their own channel, why not create a place for the best Nick ever offered? The cult following of a generation pleads with the powers that be to create this, as we will watch it without hesitation. Examples of some shows that should be available. -Doug -Rugrats -Rocko's Modern Life -Hey Dude -Are you Afraid of the Dark? -Salute your Shorts -Wild and Crazy Kids -Looney Toons -All That If not a channel, then at least a block of time where these shows can be brought back for a generation of loyal watchers.





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