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Starport Galactic Empires - Return Relentless

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NOTE For Toonces From Relentless: If you have come across this I encourage you to read on despite the thought that it might be lengthy. You've possibly banned me for a year, and in that year I have come up with a lot to say. This petition's goal is to get as many signatures and stories possible in support of Relentless returning to starport. A few worlds from Relentless: "I have been banned aprxoimately from what I can remember to be up to a year now. I believe I may or may not have deserved it of which I can not be entirely sure, as Toonces either never replied to my e-mails or I never received them. So far e-mailing has been ineffective and as being banned from the forums or not being allowed to register there, I can not communicate very well with other players. I have though bypassed several of Toonces' bans several times over which I do not perceive as unacceptable as Toonces has not contacted me stating that I have been banned or even informing me why. Perhaps he has every right to. But there is no question I used to at one point in time be a good Starport Player and strongly supportive fan. I have in the past run my mouth off in-game perhaps gone to far, perhaps Toonces has come down on that heavily recently if so and in which case I congratulate him. I always advocated the ignore feature but it is true, I could have at times used restraint. Since I have never been approached or contacted to discuss as to why I have seemingly been denied to play Starport, I can not appologize or respond appropriately to even at least even perhaps accept the fact I will never come back to Starport. This petition's sole purpose is to either bring me back to Starport or to at least show Toonces, that other people may very well care or be at the very least interested in the development/solution to this issue. I have thought for a while as to why I was banned, and I suspect it may very well be my disrespect and harshness/poking too much fun at Toonces while not giving him enough credit for giving everyone the option to play his game for free without buying tokens directly. I would like to return to SGE with perhaps a different attitude. New ideas and suggestions. I thank you all in advance for your stories, support and whatever the outcome, have believed Starport to be one of the funnest games I have ever played if not for the endless time everyone knows I put towards it, then for the people I played with and against. I look forward to a resolution and hope for the best! Sincerely, Relentless Former Stellar Frontier Co Founder (with Starwynd/Ace,Twifiwilo,tauniverse) Former Caeli Republic member Former Section 31 member Former Broken Monkey Member if but not for a short time Former 8 Founder/CEO Formerly Participated In Patch 666 Operations (not my favorite number but I tried it out anyway) Former Member Of The Black Hand under Rojo's leadership Gunboat Founder And Leader Honourary Duke Of SF member Last but not least, still and forever a big fan and supporter of Starport: Galactic Empires." How to Contact Relentless: Visit either and PM Relentless/interact on the forum OR Via E-mail:

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