Bring a Charter School to Montebello, CA

LaMar Brown
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Montebello schools have been failing and our students are paying the consequence. Year after year the slumping test scores tells the same story. CHANGE is needed and we cannot delay any longer. Let's change the future for our students. Let's change our community. Let’s change our outlook by bringing a charter school to Montebello.

The Future, The Plan:

EMC² Schools is intentionally designed to provide students with the relevant and rigorous education experience necessary to position them for success in college, in the workforce and to improve the community through community-based projects.

EMC² will use projects to develop and hone these key skills. Our PBL/blended learning hybrid emphasizes communication, critical thinking, collaboration and creativity—all part of the long-term vision of ensuring that our students are ready to succeed in an economy that has experienced a dramatic paradigm shift away from low level skills. Approximately 96 percent of all occupations rank critical thinking as either very important or extremely important to that job and 40% of the skills valued in the economy are communicative in nature. Our unique learning model develops and hones these skills.

EMC² Mission: To cultivate a supportive learning community of educators, learners, and families that nurtures the highest levels of critical thinkers and results in global citizens who aim to positively impact all facets of society.



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