Bring a bookshop to Cwmbran!

Dave Daniels
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I love reading. For me, it's a fantastic way of learning something new, inspiring me to think and try new things, and occasionally escape into worlds where my imagination can run free. With so many titles out there, books provide something for everyone. As a firm believer in the value of education, I feel books provide an excellent resource for lifelong learning.

Which is why I've started this petition to bring a good bookshop to Cwmbran Shopping! For all those book lovers out there, longing to be able to wander into a bookshop and browse through all the different sections, hoping to discover something new - sign this petition calling on Cwmbran Shopping to consider bringing a good bookshop to Cwmbran Shopping.

If we make enough noise, and show that the demand is there, this should make them give good consideration into attracting one to the area. 

Please sign and share!




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