Bring The Elgin Burn Pile Back

Michael Hughes
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As citizens of Elgin, we respectfully ask that the City Council work with us to find a way to reinstate the use of the community burn pile, located in the far back section of the Elgin cemetery. We understand that it was closed due to abuse, and that some were using it to dump household garbage, unwanted furniture, etc. We would like to work with the City to come up with a fair way to allow use of the burn pile, prevent abuse, and punish those who do abuse it. We hope to get 100 signatures on this petition, and then we ask that a special meeting be held to hear citizens opinions, and present ideas for how to successfully re implement the burn pile, so that Elgin can be kept manicured and clean once again!




  • 5 years ago
    Michael Hughes United States
    5 years ago