Bring A Power Rangers Convention to UK

Joe Black
Joe Black 10 Comments
69 SignaturesGoal: 1,500

The 1st Power Rangers Convention - Power Morphicon Convention has been in USA for the last 3 years so I felt it was about time that they bought a Power Rangers Convention to UK so the UK Power Rangers fans can get the chance to meet the cast and crew from the TV show they grew up watching. So lets show Saban and the people at PMC that we really want this to happen, once we have the signitures I shall send them both to Haim Saban and PMC Express to show them how much we want a Power RangersConventionto come to UK - Named UK RANGER MORPHIN CONVENTION. Our mission has just started rangers lets do our best and make this happen "For those who process the great power, all things are possible" Quoted by Tommy Oliver (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie)




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