Bring Ben & Jerry's "Satisfy My Bowl" Bob Marley flavor to America!

Zach Weinberg
Zach Weinberg Los Angeles, California 284 Comments
5,846 SignaturesGoal: 5,000

Ben & Jerry's just launched a new Bob Marley theme ice cream flavor called Satisfy My Bowl (banana ice cream, caramel, cookie swirls and chocolate peace signs), and it's not coming out in America!

I think we can all agree that this is a big mistake, and so we need to take action. With that in mind, I've started this petition, and once we get 5,000 signatures I'm going to email it to Ben & Jerry's and try to convince them to make it a global flavor. But I need the power of the masses behind me, so please again sign the petition, send it to your friends and family, share it on Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Snapchat, and let's show the world the power of the internet!



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