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Bring back TV14 WWE Raw

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WWE Raw is suffering under the "PG Era". Remember when ALL the championship belts had importance, where we had a thriving tag team AND woman's division, where if there were multiple groups they would actually have epic wars. Remember when nearly everyone on the roster was used in one way or another, where Raw wasn't just fixated on just a handful of stars. Remember when Raw wasn't filled with tons of recaps and constant focus on apps for 3 hours.

We need Raw to be TV14, so when someone drops an f-bomb it isn't frowned upon. We need Raw to be TV14 so that we can actually get good commentating back instead of the commentators sounding so bored. We need Raw to be TV14 so we can get an actual wrestling show instead of recaps/sponsors/merchandise/a half-assed product.

We're not asking for bra and panties matches, constant foul language, or super sexual stuff. Just for the good things TV14 Raw brought us. We're not asking for Cena to suddenly flip off the world and curse like a sailor, we are just asking for the kiddy stuff to be layoffed some.

Kids have Saturday Morning Slam for their "PG" wrestling, Raw shouldn't be another Saturday Morning Slam.

WWE give us, The WWE Universe TV14 Raw. If you need to make Raw start at 9 pm and shorten it to 2 hours, fine; just give us back Raw.

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