Bring back Torchwood and the old Torchwood Team!

Christine Liddle
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5 Signatures Goal: 10,000

This is a petition to show how many people want the old Torchwood back. As the old team. Jack, Gwen, Tosh, Owen and Ianto. I am starting this petition so that when I write to Russell T Davies I can include this and show how many people care and want the old Torchwood back. So sign this if you want the old team!



  • brendan Nolan
    brendan Nolan Australia, Leichhardt
    Jul 03, 2016
    Jul 03, 2016
    could you please bring back back torchwood torchwood and the old torchwood team featuring jack harkness and the torchwood members


  • 1 year ago
    brendan Nolan Australia
    1 year ago
  • 3 years ago
    Lego Whovian
    3 years ago
  • 5 years ago
    Cathy Norman Australia
    5 years ago